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Cancellation Policy

P3 Sports

P3 Sports Covid-19 Related Cancellation Policy

If Summer 2021 or  Spring 2021 P3 programs are cancelled due to directives given by AHS / AB Government prior to the start of the Program, P3 Sports will refund participants 100% of the registration fee minus any hard costs accrued by P3 such as apparel, jerseys, etc. which the athletes will receive and get to keep.

Should the Program be forced to cancel due to directives given by AHS / AB Government part way through a Program, the appropriate amount will be refunded or credited based on a % of the Camp that was completed.  The total amount refunded will also directly reflect the costs and refunds accrued by/given to P3 for ice/facility bookings.

Families will be given the option to transfer their fees into credits for future programs.

If a participant becomes infected with or has been exposed to someone WITH COVID-19 they need to inform P3 immediately so we can take appropriate action. If the participant needs to withdrawal or stay away from a P3 program during the quarantine period, there will be no credit or refund provided to them.

If a P3 team or co-hort is forced to quarantine due to infection or exposure there will be no refund or credit provided.

P3 Hockey Programs Standard Cancellation Policy

Participants may cancel their registration in P3 Programs based on the following:

  • Cancellations in any P3 Hockey programs made 30 days or more prior to the program start will result in a 35% administration fee or 100% P3 Credit to future program.
  • Please note: If your program fee includes apparel, the credit / refund will exclude the cost of apparel. (ie: Spring jerseys / socks with athletes names on back will be given to the players)
  • Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the program start will be given 100% P3 Credit to future program but no refunds.
  • Cancellations in P3 Programs that require Nonrefundable deposits will receive a refund for the remaining amount until 30 days prior to program start or receive 100% P3 Credit into future program.

P3 Academy

Academy athletes may cancel their registration:

  • Before July 1 will result in a full refund minus 20% administration fee.
  • After July 1 will result in a full refund minus 35% administration fee.
  • After August 1 will result in full refund minus 50% administration fee.
  • No refund will be issued after Sept 1.