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Coaching Tip of the Month

presented by Mike Kennedy, P3 Sports

MAY, P3 Sports, Mike Kennedy


I love playoff hockey!   The speed, the grit, the toughness, the hard hitting are all exciting to watch.  In some series the defense has been spectacular.

I wanted to share with everyone an offensive play that over the last two years has become more popular.  I start the clip with the defending team (Carolina) who drops the wingers nice and low to thwart any attempt from the back on the net to the front.   Notice the net front defender leave the front of the net to HELP his two teammates, turning a 2 on 2 into a 2 on 3.

The Islanders forwards do a great job of getting the puck from VERY low to VERY high.  A nice bounce pass gives the Islanders defenseman even more time.

F3 – #44 Pageau – reads this play early and curls from the low slot to the very high slot/blueline slot.  Effectively the Islanders want to have 3 players on the blueline.  Carolina is slow to see this and the player covering Pageau, #77 Deangelo, doesn’t sprint to close space on Pageau, which leaves him time to make a play.

A brilliant, D to D wide pass, folowed by a bump back to #44 Pageau in the middle of the high ice.  #28 Romanov and #44 Pageau have practiced this play many times, and Romanov immediatley moves down ice to accept a return pass.

The result is a GRADE A scoring chance.

Have your team practice this play.  It is not a hard play to execute.  It starts with a pass from below the goaline (this is important becasue it gives the D time as the wingers that collapsed have a lot of ground to cover).

It is a pretty easy read for F3 (Pageau) and the give and go with Romoanov is a pretty easy peewee hockey play.

Let me know what you think!

Coach Mike

Watch this VIDEO of a new HIGH play to create a GRADE A scoring chance in the 2024 NHL playoffs!

Great give and go in the HIGH ICE.

Net front D, leaves the front to help, making it a 2 v 3 down low.  Wingers are responsible for F3 in low slot.

#77 is slow to read the HIGH play and Pageau is able to get to the high ice early and create this play easily.