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Building Athletes, Building Leaders, Building Community

Hockey Academy

P3 Hockey Academy 2021-2022

GRADE 5-8: Manachaban

GRADE 5-12: Homeschool Academy

GRADE 9-12: Bow Valley High School & Cochrane High School

Please review the information included on this page for more information about the P3 Hockey Academy.  Contact us at or call 403-932-4259 with your questions. We are happy to discuss it in detail with you.

P3 Academy Presentation

Click here to watch and listen to Coach Ryan present Academy information presentation. Click each slide individually and start the video for each page.

P3 Hockey Academy Goal Tender Training

P3 Academy Fees

Each age group will have options to choose; Pay in full or payment plans.  There is also a premium package that includes summer programs or off season training starting in July 2021. 2021-2022 Academy Fees

Out of Area

If Manachaban, Cochrane High School or Bow Valley High School are NOT your designated school you will need to complete the Rocky View School Division out of area application form and submit it to them, once you have been accepted by P3 Sports. Out Of Area Form

Apply Here

Before completing the application link below, please have your coaches and teachers complete these reference forms. (2 each)  They can be uploaded to your application form or emailed directly to Teachers Reference Coaches Reference



Our P3 Academy Schedule


Below are sample breakdowns of the services provided over the year. These numbers vary year to year based on school calendar and venue availability etc.

Grade 5 & 6: 60 Ice times.  P3 Academy is run during PE class and when they aren’t with P3, they return to PE. Sample Schedule

Grade 7 & 8: 60 Ice times, 25 Dryland Training Sessions, 20 Classroom Sessions.  P3 Academy is an Option class and they are with P3 always for this period.  Sample Schedule

Grade 9 – 12: 60 Ice times, 85 Dryland Training Sessions, 35 Classroom Sessions.  P3 Academy  is an Option class and they are with P3 5 days a week for Block 1.  Sample Schedule

Experience the P3 advantage by sending your child to our Hockey Academy in Cochrane.

Leadership, Performance & Strength

For Athletes

P3 Sports offers a Hockey Academy for students in grades 6-12 who want to work on advancing their skills. Our academy focuses on building leadership skills, physical literacy development, and developing and perfecting hockey skills to maximize performance.

Our program is uniquely designed to help create elite athletes who are strong both physically and mentally. The academy features top divisional trainers and experienced hockey coaches to help all of our athletes reach their goals and elevate their game. We help highly motivated players to accelerate their learning and achieve their goals faster.

P3 Hockey academy with an athlete playing hockey

Making Sports Part Of Day To Day Life

Sports & Traditional Learning

P3 Hockey Academy

We are partnered with three different schools in the Rocky View County area to make signing up for P3’s Hockey Academy a breeze. Our students don’t have to sacrifice their regular schooling experience to attend our academy. Instead, we integrate our Hockey Academy seamlessly into their regular school schedule.

Typically, our athletes leave their school during their physical education, leadership, or general option class period to lace up and hit the ice. They will spend that time working on their hockey development before returning to their regular classes afterwards.

Training Athletes To Be Strong Mentally & Physically

Our Program

These three areas listed below help our trainers and coaches at P3 Sports to develop and train athletes who are strong not only physically, but also mentally. Our Hockey Academy prides itself on being influential leaders for up and coming hockey players.

Furthermore, we believe in helping all our athletes build leadership and public speaking skills. Not only will our students upgrade and fine-tune their athletic skills, but they’ll also learn the fundamentals of nutrition, sports psychology. They will also learn how to strength train and condition in a healthy manner.

P3 Hockey fine training
P3 Hockey Academy Training

Our comprehensive program focuses on the three following areas:

  • Bachelor Of Leadership Development (B.O.L.D.) To Develop Leadership & Life Skills
  • P3Training Indoor Physical Literacy Development For The Fundamentals Of Sports Training
  • Sports Training To Hone The Skills Necessary To Maximize Performance

The P3 Advantage

Features Of Our Hockey Academy

Part of the P3 advantage includes access to our premier facility, along with our exceptional professional hockey coaches and trainers. We’re a Cochrane based Hockey Academy and an alternative to a private academy.

Our Hockey Academy works with several schools within Rocky View County. Because of this, we can offer elite level training without disrupting your child’s daily school life. They will stay in their regular classes, for the most part, just leaving during certain periods of the day.  With P3, your student-athlete will be able to build their hockey skills without compromising on other aspects of their educational and social life.

P3 Hockey Academy High Tech Facility

Fully Rounded Training

On-Ice & Dryland Training

P3 hockey academy On-Ice training.png

P3’s Hockey Academy encourages the consistent and progressive development of skills through all our development programs. An advantage of our facility is we can offer benefits like on-ice and dryland training for a fully rounded training experience. Not only do we boast helping our student-athletes build their physical capabilities, but we also help them with valuable life skills such as leadership, nutrition and public speaking.

High-Performance Program


P3 Hockey Academy is a high-performance program offering many benefits. For example, high school students can earn up to 45 high school credits by going through our Hockey Academy.

When your child goes through our program, they end up with more free time during the evenings. Our training happens during the school day, leaving time for them afterwards. Our program can also help connect these students to colleges, universities, semi-pro and pro programs. Alternatively, our program helps build a base for career education in the sport, health, and wellness sectors.

P3 Hockey academy coach training athletes

Choosing Athletes That Will Excel At P3

Academy Application Process

P3 Hockey Academy Assessment

We choose students for our Hockey Academy by evaluating several factors. This is to ensure they’ll be a good fit and find success within our program. We assess your child by their technical skill level, academic performance, and character. These three main areas help us determine students we think might be a good fit.

Once we look at those areas, we then require applicants to participate in a tryout skate and personal interview. P3 will also conduct academic, character and athletic reviews to proceed with the application.

State Of The Art Facility

Our Facility

P3’s Hockey Academy boasts many benefits, including our facility! Our facility incorporates:

  • 4 Ice Surfaces
  • P3 Training Centre & Weight Room
  • Classrooms
  • Studios
  • Indoor Track
  • Turf/Soccer Pitch
  • Gymnasium
  • Aquatic Centre
P3 Hockey Academy Training Center