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The P3 Program Experience

Program Overview

All Ages & Skill Levels


Each year, during the fall and winter, P3 Sports Inc offers training programs targeted towards specific age groups and skill levels. P3 programs range from teaching the basics of the game, to improving individual skills like skating, scoring, or dekes and danglers.

Furthermore, each program is designed to take every athlete above and beyond their current skill level. Our coaches and trainers will guide our athletes to the next level by perfecting and maximizing their skills with on-ice and dryland training.

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Sports Camps Hockey Spring

Elite Athlete Development


Our spring programs are focused on elite athlete development and feature the potential to play in spring tournaments. P3 programs were designed to push our athletes towards their goals while improving their game through specialized training plans. Our spring programs are the perfect time to push our athletes. Working with some of the industry’s best professional hockey trainers and coaches, we focus on developing, correcting, and perfecting individual skills.

Keeping Sharp In The Off-season


P3 offers summer programs and off-season training to keep all of our athletes sharp and ready for the next season. We built our summer programs around the development and perfection of skills and are focused on individual skill development.

P3 offers on-ice training throughout the summer season. This allows our players to train on the rink year-round and further hone their skills. Just because it isn’t regular hockey season doesn’t mean that you need to delay your growth and let your skills get rusty. Our facility and training programs will keep you in tip-top shape, so you’re ready to hit the ice full speed, and with new and perfected skills, as soon as the season starts up again.

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Specially Designed For Goalies

Goalie Development

P3 Atom Hockey

A team cannot function without a goalie, but it takes a special skill set to mind the net. At P3, we have created a specialized training program specifically for goalies. All of our programs have goalies active within them to get time in the net, blocking shots from fellow athletes. However, our goalie development program focuses on building fundamental skills.

Full & Half-Day Camps


P3 is a leader in hosting PD day camps, with two different options for half-day and full-day summer camps. One option is our hockey-specific camps that challenge every player to improve their fundamentals and expand their hockey abilities. The second camp option available is PD sports day camps. Our PD sports day camps include hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball, fitness and martial arts.

During the summer, we also offer team training, where we focus on P3’s Precise Training. Precise Training will challenge every single player and focuses on small area skill development. We also offer Skill Packs, which allows customization for groups and individuals. P3 will put together a training program to help you reach your goals.

Athletes playing hockey at Sports Day Camps