Billet Families


Special Experience

Make some lifelong friends from Czechia!

For a third consecutive year, P3 Sports is very excited to announce that we will be hosting 2-3 youth hockey teams from the Czechia from June 18th to July 17th, 2024

They will be travelling here with their own Coaches, Trainers, and Liaisons from the Over Seas Stars Agency.  The teams are excited to visit Canada to work with P3 coaches, play games against some Canadian teams and be immersed in our culture.  The athletes coming will range from birth years 2004 – 2012. 


Families will be responsible for looking after their guest athletes as they would their own children including getting them to and from their activities.  During the week the athletes will have a full itinerary, mostly at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Center.  During this time, they will be skating and training with P3 and/or their Over Seas Coaches, as well as participating in English and Mental Performance Classes. 

Game and Tournament Schedules will be less intense than last year to free up time for the families to enjoy the weekends with their billet sons and daughters.  We are introducing a new P3 International Hockey Tournament, June 21-23rd and a Charity Ball Hockey Tournament, along with Canada Day Events on the Long Weekend if you’re looking for things to do!   

Also new this year are a couple of planned excursions for the Over Seas athletes during the week, where they will be heading out to the Mountains as a group.  Hopefully taking some of the responsibility felt by the Billet Families to be taking them. 

With this said, some of the feedback from last year was that host families did more activities together with their Billet kids than they did with just their own family, so the opportunity for some great bonding is there, should you decide to hit the mountains or any other amazing sites within a stones throw from Cochrane! 

We are currently looking for billet families who would be a good fit to host athletes during their stay.

If interested please email:  Alec at