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Fascial Stretch

Fascial stretching and massage help treat fibrous connective tissues that wrap and support muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Helping to relax the fascia helps our body move freely and the way it’s meant to. Working on the fascia and muscles allows for a deeper stretch and creates more space in the joints. This improves flexibility, mobility, recovery from training and can help prevent injury.

For athletes, improving mobility and reducing pain and potential for damage is extremely important. Let P3 help you by booking in for a session today.

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Cochrane Sport Physio

P3 Sports Inc is affiliated with Cochrane Sport Physio as partners in athletic development. All of our athletes will receive direct access to rehabilitation services, including physio and sports medicine.

Our team of physiotherapists and sports medicine physicians recognize the importance of timely assessments and early intervention. Catching injuries early is essential for preventing more severe damage. P3 cares about our athletes’ safety, and that’s why we’re committed to continuing to provide these services.

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Understanding the science behind what makes your body function and how to improve these functions to avoid injury or stress is important. P3 wants our athletes to understand the science between nutrition, sleep and hydration, so they’re able to take care of themselves and up their performance. No matter how much you train, if you aren’t taking care of your body by feeding it properly, resting and hydrating, you’ll never see the progress you want. Book in with us to learn more.

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High Performance Training

P3’s high-performance training focuses on helping athletes improve their speed, power, explosiveness, agility and conditioning for their respective sport. Pairing our other Sport Training Institute services and high-performance training is where the most valuable progress happens towards improving an athlete’s skill. These training systems will help athletes perform faster, stronger and with more precision. Our training programs are available for teams, small groups and individuals.

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Neurokinetic Therapy

Neurokinetic therapy involves neurological assessment and the correction of dysfunctional movement patterns in the brain’s motor control center. Symptoms and pain can be resolved with compliance with rehabilitative homework. Neurokinetic therapy can help you answer the questions about why an area feels weak, tight or painful, and then correct it, so you don’t feel it anymore.

organic food for healthy nutrition and superfoods at P3 training institute

Managing Mental Health

Bob Wilkie, a former NHLer, created a company called I Got Mind to create awareness and education for players, coaches and parents about the mental side of sports.

Jodi Flanagan with her Vector Life Coaching works with athletes to help them find strategies to manage their daily lives and stresses while building their athletic skill and continued passion for their sport.